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Digital shopping

DIGITAL SHOPPING by Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp Business and Instagram

Four new services in:
1. It can be really simple to see our new models and our complete collection of chains. You can choose and immediately receive the samples of the items that you want to show in your next collection! Inside our factory we have set up a showroom that has the same features as our booth at the fair, so you will feel welcomed in the same way.

Video call: Skype (account: Le Gioie S.r.l.), Zoom, Whatsapp Business (tel. +3902816627) or Instagram ( @legioiesrl ). You just have to make an appointment and we will be ready only for you!

If you have any doubts about the efficacy of this method of meeting, we thought that it is worth reflecting on many convenient aspects:
• Trust in a professional relationship is fundamental and in this way we will be able to continue meeting even if at a distance.
• We will try to optimize the vision of the products through special lighting.
• You will be able to see our factory live and exclusively and discover how chains are born.
• It is important to understand our “world”, who we are and how we are.
• You can see us quietly from home or your office, with zero costs.
• You will have the opportunity to be listened carefully and without haste, to welcome your needs with the best attention.
• It will simply be a different way of seeing our products, without losing the "emotional" aspect of the new proposals.
Make an appointment without obligation at!
2. WhatsApp Business service: if you want to write to us in a different, but sometimes more immediate way, you can do it with a simple WhatsApp message connected to our fixed number +3902816627. On our profile you can also see photos, opening and closing hours and much more!