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In this section you will find some selected items, useful for samples and ready in stock. Chains are available in small quantities, already divided by skeins and ready for delivery (min.order 100 euros + VAT).
Look for the articles you are interested in and send us an email to indicating the article code, requesting a quotation and the skeins you need. You will be contacted immediately to agree on the billing information, shipping and payment details.

Anodized aluminium chains 

- Anodized aluminum chains are cheap and hypoallergenic, therefore nichelfree.
- They have good corrosion resistance.
- Thanks to their malleability and ductility they are easily workable.
- They can be gilded, nickel and even colored, both shiny and matte.
- You can find types such as curb chains, belcher, cable, ropes and many others.
- Our customers use aluminum chains, mostly because of their lightness, even in furnishings (chandeliers and walls) and in eyewear (chains for glasses).
- They are also widely used for belts, clothing and costume jewellery.
- They are openable and not welded chains.
- What makes us proud is that they are all made in Italy.


Light alloy chains 

- Light alloy chains are made of high quality metal and galvanized.
- They are lightweight and especially suitable for large chains, such as shoulder straps or bag handles, to be used in leather goods, footwear, costume jewellery and the high fashion sector.
- They can be gilded, nickel-plated, gunmetal, antique brass, antique silver and rose gold even nickel free.
- They are openable and resistant chains.
- All our production is Made in Italy and responds to the needs of the Italian and foreign market, adapting to the target audience, because the fashion accessory in the chain is absolutely fashion!


Copper / brass chains

- Chains in copper and brass are made of high quality metal, heavier than those in lightweight alloy and therefore suitable above all for medium-small chains for bags (such as shoulder bags), leather goods, footwear and costume jewellery.
- They can be galvanized in various finishes: gold, nickel, gunmetal, antique brass, antique silver and rose gold even nickel free.
- In our sample book we have both openable and welded chains.
- Some types can be made of stainless steel and bronze.
- All chains are manufactured in Italy in our factory in Milan.


Varnished chains 

- Varnished chains are lightweight because they are made of aluminum and the treatment is hypoallergenic, therefore nickel free.
- They are quality chains and painted in many shades.
- They can be colored according to Pantone or customized on request or following our color chart which is enriched with new shades every season.
- They are trendy and innovative chains.
- They can be shiny, opaque, with a rubber effect, gradient and fluorescent. They are widely used for belts, as shoulder straps for bags (including crochet), in fashion, in bijoux and in design.
- They are openable and not welded chains.
- The varnishing is a thick treatment and therefore very resistant to corrosion.
-  Chains are all produced and painted in Italy and this is a source of pride for us because this too makes the difference!


Enameled chains

- Enameled chains are in hypoallergenic aluminum, therefore nichelfree.
- Our color chart is enriched with new shades every season.
- They can be glazed with transparent, pastel or patterned colors. They are also widely used to decorate belts, in fashion and bijoux.
- They are openable and not welded chains.
- Enamelling is an exclusively Italian artisan process.