Le Gioie Srl



Le Gioie has been dedicating for many years to initiatives promoted by Progetto Solidarietà of Associazione Sviluppo e Promozione onlus, with active volunteering initiatives, too.

The Project is active in Milan since 1986 and has the main purpose to help and attend in difficult situations, both in Italy and abroad, promoting concrete development interventions.

Since 2009 Le Gioie has been supporting the “playing-space” Giocomondo, entirely designed and carried out by the volunteers of Progetto Solidarietà, which helps the chance meeting and play between families and children from 0 to 6 years of the Barona suburb.

Since 2012 Le Gioie has been aiding the construction of Lubuto fair farm, the school and Eden Medical Center in Mushiko village in Zambia, to help on site development of self-employment job opportunities, in a land of great difficulties.

In 2012/13 Le Gioie supported Emilian companies damaged by the earthquake and in 2017/18 Umbrian ones with various charity initiatives.