Le Gioie Srl



Every company has a story… so we would like to tell you something about us and our activity lasting since more than 50 years, full of “lived life”.

  • Giuseppe Di Simone is a young man born in a beautiful seaside town. At 20 years old he decides he wants something different from his life, but he can’t find it where he’s living. He leaves his family, the sun, the scent of the sea, the sounds, the colours of his birthplace and he plunges into the overwhelming modernity of Milan.

  • He’s fascinated by rhythms, people and frenzy of an industrial growing city. “Pino”, smart and willing, immediately finds a job and in the meanwhile helps his cousin with her little fashion jewellery shop in the centre of the city. It’s there that he falls in love at first sight with Caty, a cheerful and beautiful girl, that shares the same principles; they get married and together in 1965 they open a small fashion jewellery laboratory, because Pino, “the accountant”, wants to create and to experiment.

  • In those years, the word of mouth is easy and surprisingly the first customers come. Pino is a daydreamer, his head on his shoulders and his feet firmly on the ground; he begins to dare a little bit more. He begins to exhibit at the first sector trade exhibitions: small satisfactions, a lot of effort, not much money and some ambition are the right ingredients. Caty and Pino have children, but Caty never stops, she is a creative soul with an exceptional taste for “the beauty”. The story goes on and the whole family moves to the southern suburbs of Milan in the 70s. Le Gioie headquarter is still here: bigger but in the same place.

  • The first years are hard, but Pino is very keen on chains production machinery. Small steps and small investments: when he buys a new machinery, he begins studying on his own those “magic” little robotic hands. He changes, adjusts and fixes them… sometimes he even works late at night!

  • Time flies and the boom time of fashion jewellery comes in the 80s: these are years of expansion and creativity. Pino works surrounded by his beloved machineries and Caty, “the Lady” as everyone calls her, is helped by the tireless and young Luciana, too. Balancing work and family she pops out new models: unique and refined. The two little daughters look around and play among pliers and chains, they smell the whiff of oil from their dad’s hands and hope to inherit their mom’s good taste and creativity.

  • The 90s are here and “Le Gioie” has more than 180 machineries: it is a small factory now! The company has adapted to changes in fashion, producing mostly chains for clothing, leather goods and shoes for great Italian and foreign fashion brands, obviously always searching for new styles and innovative techniques.

  • This is a story like many others, where love, a strong sense of duty and showing respect to each other are the most important things that parents passed on to their daughters: here, everyone knows that everything can change and things can transform, but the important thing is to remain true to who we really are. This is a story that began with a small ambition and a lot of goodwill: a ring and a wedding promise gave birth to a long chain of many small rings that goes on growing.

  • The two daughters, Patrizia and Francesca, have been working in the company for years, as well as the son-in-law Massimiliano and the other employees, that are considered family members too! Faithful, passionate and qualified workers: entire generations of brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, brothers-in-law… the “veterans” are as enthusiastic as the young ones: they work as a whole, mixing together strength, dynamism and experience. And, least but not last, the eyes of the first grandson have the same blue-greenish colour of grandpa Pino and if you look deeply you could see the colour of the sea Pino loved and had to leave; on the other hand, in the eyes of the second grandson you can see the spark of curiosity and creativity… who knows what their future holds !