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Brand your chain


Our customization on chains, intended for fashion and in particular for leather goods, footwear, clothing and costume jewellery, aims to bring out for all our customers their own unmistakable brands.


The advantages that derive from strongly promoting one's brand, emphasizing its features, are evident in the process in which great recognition and personality are given to the business. This leads easily the customer to purchase.

Making the brand authentic, unique and distinguishable, by promoting it in its products, is therefore essential for optimizing the final sales process, conveying a message that points to the immediate recognition of the brand.

Reliability inevitably leads to a conscious choice in the evaluation of the purchase of a product, becoming the only possible choice, because it is recognizable and authentic! Even making any trademark counterfeiting will be difficult…


- The logo / monogram of the brand is represented and engraved on each chain link.
- The shape of the chains can be multiple, in shape and size of wire, based on your aesthetic and functional choice.
- The most satisfactory result occurs in large and linear chains.
- The electroplating with an antique effect makes the engraved brand stand out better.
- The personalized chain is discreet and elegant, with a light engraving, but distinguishable to the advantage of the brand.

We will study together all the possible options in order to achieve an excellent product that fully will satisfy you!

Ask a quote to you will discover that even price will amaze you!

"BRAND YOUR CHAIN" - The first real chain that represents your brand, because no one is like you: UNIQUE!

In the picture an example of a logo / monogram with double C

Customized chains