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Christmas 2020

This, it is useless to hide it, will be a Christmas different from all those that preceded it...
It is certainly a rhetorical phrase: we have all heard it repeated several times by now, but unfortunately it is deeply true!
Everything that has happened and continues to happen around us is testing us hardly and we must try to find help only in some small certainties: we have become more aware of what really matters in our lives!
Each of us has been pushed (sometimes brutally) to rediscover the real value of things, just in the moment we lost them.
The isolation and the necessary restrictions are generating in contrast the deep desire of all that we are missing and the awareness that this pandemic is "drying up" us on all fronts: psychologically, socially and not least economically.
When we started thinking that maybe it was all over, the relapse has been even heavier and the spirit of sacrifice more difficult for everyone to accept, with the same resilience and tenacity that instead distinguished us this spring ... We are living the "time of trial": this moment is the contraposition of all that is natural for our being. We must have the confidence that around this “dark corner” a better time is waiting for us.
What do we have to do? We still need to have the strength to try again, always!
So here we are at the small gift for you: if you want to win the discount on your next purchase, take part in the game on Instagram's Reels and Stories "Find the difference". It is our way to make you smile.
Thank you for patiently reading our message ๐Ÿ˜Š and of course on this occasion we cannot forget to wish you a Merry Christmas, with your dearest loved ones, reminding you of our closing dates for holidays: from 24th December 2020 to 3rd January 2021.
We sincerely hope for everyone that the new year to come will sweep away the old one and bring a breath of healthy optimism !!!