Le Gioie Srl


Our green policy

Our company was born in 1965, we have seen the world change and it is right to adapt and evolve with particular attention to the territory.
We cannot ignore the profound transformations that our planet is passing through due to pollution, overheating and abuse of natural resources.
It is a matter of awareness to know that we must now contribute to create the foundations for a management that can be able, at least to considerably reduce the impact of industrial activity on the environment.
Our company is actively committed to look for solutions in the production of chains so that all processing phases have the utmost respect towards the territory and the future of the next generation.
 1.Aluminium chains represent a large part of our production. Do you know that aluminum is recyclable?
Aluminum is a metal that, thanks to recycling, allows huge environmental and energy savings. For this reason, even its smallest components must be collected and recovered.
• Italian aluminum recycling industry has held a prominent position on the world scene for the amount of recycled material. Italy is in fact the third country in the world together with Germany, after the United States and Japan. These are very important results that confirm the continuous research activity for the development of technologies, for the recycling and recovery of aluminum.
• Aluminum has optimal characteristics for recycling: aluminium can be 100% recycled and reused indefinitely, to give life to new products every time. The material sent to the foundries is pre-treated at about 500 degrees to be purged of paints or other adhering substances. Then it is melted at 800 degrees to obtain liquid aluminum from which semi-finished products are obtained, such as the wire to make chains.
Separate collection, recycling and recovery of aluminum are therefore very important for the economy, for saved energy, for reused raw material and for environmental protection. From this point of view, aluminum and its alloys are extraordinary materials, as they can be recycled indefinitely, without quality penalties. In this sense, aluminum is a perfect example of Circular Economy: by regenerating itself, its eco-sustainability is also guaranteed.
So to give new life to our aluminum chains accessories, when you no longer need them, help the planet and throw them in the special recycling bins!
2. The whole production cycle of our chains respects the environment in its entirety:

  • We produce a line of chains that we could define as "low environmental impact". They have a brightness and a basic colour of the raw material, which can be sold and used without further treatments, so they don’t affect the ecology of the environment and they are naturally nickel free.
  •  All our processes are free of animal additives in any treatment.
  • Copper and aluminum are disposed of by specialized companies in order to be properly recycled
  • We even dispose of the washing water we use to clean production area, not to pollute the environment.
  •  We carry out inside our factory a thorough cleaning of the materials destined to be sold in raw without surface treatments, to obtain a better result for a high quality product. The machinery used to wash chains does not require any type of detergent. 
  • We choose a very high quality oil to grease our machinery. It is expensive, but with a low environmental impact and the oil is recycled and returned to production.
  •  The whole structure is supervised by the Competent Doctor and external consultants, respecting regulations in force, with training courses and scheduled periodic checks, motivating all workers and increasing the sense of responsibility according to their skills. 
  • A2A company is one of our suppliers for gas and electricity, a company that has been following the Circular Economy model for years, transforming waste into resources. A virtuous system in which material is recycled and the non-recoverable part is transformed into energy.
  •  We at Km0: we can also define ourselves in this way, because we’re going through a time where society necessarily needs to preserve the ecosystem, decreasing the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, we make our small contribution. 
  • We promote, where possible, the selection of suppliers based on the logic of environmental sustainability, purchasing raw materials from selected suppliers based in the province of Milan and assigning external processes to trusted companies that have been collaborating with us for many years and are located near to our company.