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The value of words

Starting to compile our vocabulary was almost a coincidence, when we stopped to reflect on our needs, on what we would have liked the market would offer us as a solution to our request. We therefore thought that the list we had compiled could ultimately be useful for others as well.
This is how our personal dictionary was born, which just wants to be a reason for inspiration and reflection, naturally with captivating graphics with our chains!

What features do we look for in a supplier? A as "Affidabilità" that is Reliability

Can a supplier take away any concerns from us?
B as "Buonsenso" that is Common sense

What should have an ideal supplier?
C as "Creatività" that is Creativity

What do we value in a supplier?
D as "Disponibilità" that is Availability

Is it an ambition to want a suitable supplier?

E as "Esperienza" that is Experience

Is the challenge to be the right supplier at the right time?

F as "Fiducia" that is Trust

A supplier can suit many, but not everyone?

G as "Gentilezza" that is Kindness

Is there both an ideal customer and an ideal supplier?

I as "Impegno" that is Commitment

How do we want customers to perceive suppliers?

L as "Lavoro" that is Work

What does a supplier best represent?

M as "Motivazione" that is Motivation

Do suppliers deserve trust?

N as "Novità" that is Novelty

Which quality attracts us the most in our suppliers?

O as "Originalità" that is Originality

Is it obvious to find a trusted supplier?

P as "Puntualità" that is Punctuality

When choosing a supplier, is only the price important?

Q as "Qualità" that is Quality

How do you choose a supplier?

R as "Responsibilità" that is Responsibility

Why and how does one supplier differ from another?

S as "Solidarietà" that is Charity

How can you work well with a supplier?

T as "Tenacia" that is Tenacity

In a saturated virtual world, how can you find an ideal supplier?

U as "Unicità" that is Uniqueness

Talking about yourself and promoting your business is not always easy ...

V as "Velocità" that is Speed

Can it be an important opportunity to know a supplier better?

Z as "Zoom" that is Zoom