Le Gioie Srl


Why choose us?

More than 10 good reasons...


1. We have more than 50 years of experience behind us, with a particularly refined aesthetic culture because it stems from the creativity that has always distinguished as chain jewellery designers.


2. Our choice to be 100% Made in Italy is a feature that has always distinguished us, a way to present our product being different from importers and selling only what we produce.
3. We at Km 0: we can also define ourselves this way, because we’re going through a time where society necessarily needs to preserve the ecosystem, decreasing the environmental impact of CO2 emissions, we make our small contribution. How? A) We buy raw materials from selected suppliers based in the province of Milan. B) Most of the external processes are carried out by trusted companies that have been collaborating with us for many years and are located near our company. C) At this point: we are "Made in Milan"!


4.The constant search for new technologies is our strength, because it allows us to respond promptly to the demands of an ever-changing market with increasingly demanding, to be able to stand out also for quality, originality and competitive prices.


5. We employ only raw copper and aluminium that are of the highest quality and of European origin99,7% pure. Best quality and excellence will be the final result: to have a high-quality final product, you have to start right from the base and therefore from the raw material.


6. We produce a line of chains that we could define as "low environmental impact". They have a brightness and a basic colour of the raw material, which can be sold and used without further treatments, so they don’t affect the ecology of the environment and they are naturally nickel free.
7. All our processes are free of animal additives in any treatment.
8. Copper and aluminum are disposed of by specialized companies in order to be properly recycled.
9. We even dispose of the washing water we use to clean production area, in order not to pollute the environment.
10. We carry out inside our factory a thorough cleaning of the materials destined to be sold in raw without surface treatments, to obtain a better result for a high quality product. The machinery used to wash chains does not require any type of detergent.
11. We choose a very high quality oil to grease our machineries. It is expensive, but with a low environmental impact and the oil is recycled and returned to production.
12. The whole structure is supervised by the Competent Doctor and external consultants, respecting regulations in force, with training courses and scheduled periodic checks, motivating all workers and increasing the sense of responsibility according to their skills.


13. We are a family, so we extend our way of seeing and living also within our factory and with our employees, always ready to listen and to collaborate.
14. We are sensitive to social issues and every year we make donations to solidarity projects.
15. Education and kindness are not only our formal "business card", but our strength, even from the moment we answer the phone: "Pronto Le Gioie"
16. To have an even more efficient service, closer to our customers, we organized ourselves so that digital could optimize our communication and the visibility of our products and our factory. In this way we translate a "social" distance, into a "sociable" distance. Here are our services: video call Skype, Instagram and Whatsapp and Whatsapp Business messaging.
17. Our job is our passion and every day we face the daily challenges, hoping to be up to the expectations of our customers, always amazing them and making us "choose" every time.