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Le Gioie S.r.l. is a chain and fashion accessories manufacture since 1965. Our products are 100% Made in Italy, designed especially for leather goods, footwear, apparel, fashion and furnishing.

The constant search for new technologies allows us to respond promptly to our customers’ requests and to combine the best quality and originality with competitive prices.



Le Gioie S.r.l., thanks to a cutting-edge technology in the production, has a wide range of ornamental chains in non-precious metals.

More than 180 high precision and computerized machines, from goldsmith industry, checked by constant monitoring of qualified technicians, guarantee product quality.


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Digital technology can help us to communicate, shortening distances and making business relationship even more immediate. In this way we translate a "social" distance, into a "sociable" distance!


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Awareness is the first step for many important decisions that lead to the choice of a business partner. Why choose us? How we are different and why we are proud of our way of being, from the selection of raw materials, to the attention to business and environmental ethics and much more ...


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